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Analysis of NAC using Ionspray-LC-UV-MS

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1 nac   2000-11-14 05:36

Quantitative analysis of N-acetylcysteine and its pharmacopeial impurities in a pharmaceutical formulation by
liquid chromatography-UV detection-mass spectrometry
B. Toussaint, Ch. Pittib, Streel, A. Ceccato, Ph. Hubert and J. Crommen
J. Chromatogr. A 896 (2000), p. 191-199

A new method for the simultaneous determination of N-acetylcysteine and its pharmacopeial impurities, cysteine, cystine, N,N'-diacetylcystine and N,S-diacetylcysteine in an effervescent tablet has been developed. The method is based on on-line LC-UV-MS using a pneumatically-assisted electrospray interface (ionspray).

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