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NAC with anti-tubercular drugs

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1 lakshmoji   2002-05-08 07:47

This is not a message, it is a query.

I would like to know the medical logic in co-administration of NAC with anti-tubercular drugs. I request the readers to contribute to this topic.

As per my understanding, NAC reduces the risk of liver toxicity caused by anti-tubercular drugs. Any thing else, please mail me with authenticity.

My e-mail id is

Thanks and regards

Lakshmoji T

2 ttear   2002-05-08 11:10

Nac is the first line of defense when patient has a overdose due to tylenol. It's fast acting and a powerful anti-oxidant. It works by counteracting chemicals that are forgien to the human blood supply. I hope this helps, Robert

3 lakshmoji   2003-02-24 23:37

I requesrt the readers to inform me of any medical rationale in combination therapy with NAC and Ambroxol in respiratory diseases

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