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mucus overload

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1 blacktruck   2003-04-03 14:14

I am 55 and have spent a lifetime drowning in mucus. The mucus is produced in my lungs and up until the age of forty was no problem to eliminate. I believe the production of this mucus is due to a severe case of acid reflux. When taking PPI'S (Nexium, Protonix, Prevacid) my breathing is severely hampered and the mucus substantially thickens. My condition becomes extreme in environments which lack humidity and I have difficulty adjusting to High Pressure weather patterns. I can no longer use commercial airlines for transportation needs. Recently I have been using a warm mist moisturizer which significantly aids in removing mucus. In the mornings I use a direct inhalation technique which when combined with posturing enables me to bring up a glob of mucus which noticeably inhibits respiration. Do I sound like a candidate for mucomyst therapy?

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