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Asthma Prevention

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1 lou13   2003-09-13 23:14

Subject: Asthma Prevention

I have been plagued with asthma for over 50 years.
Every doctor has told me (and my daughter, who also has asthma) to use
Albuterol. We just kept puffing all day year after year.

I was in Brazil to have some surgery, but the surgeon said I must see a
cardiologist before he started cutting. I would guess he did not want me to
die on his watch.

The cardiologist said my heart was fine, but said I hear lots of noise in
your lungs. He asked what I have been using. I said Albuterol.

He gave me a better puffer prescription, however I never had to use it,
as he asked why I do not prevent it in the first place.

He gave me 2 precriptions tht must be used in combination.

The first is MUCOLITIC (carbocisteina) which is (an orange flavored powder
that is mixed in a botle of water) He suggested I drink this three times a
day. I have been doing it only twice per day.
Is Acetylcysteine the US equivilent of MUCOLITIC (carbocisteina)
and have the same effect ?
The American Lung Association did not suggest this to me, but told
me to do the research for them and let them know what I came up with.

The second is FLUIR (fumarato de formoterol) which is a small capsule of
powder that is inhaled twice a day.

This was in May of this year, and I nor my daughter have not had even a hint
of a wheeze since.

Thought you should look into this.......

My cost per day is $ 2.00 for the combination. medication is cheap in
I can not locate anyone here in the US that makes or sells this even though
Schering-Plough makes the FLUIR, andf I believe Wythe Labrotories makes the
other one. They do not make this here for the American Market.

I telephoned my local pulmonary man and told him this and he feverishly
wrote down this information as he is constantly prescribing Albuterol as the
only method he knows.

The Brazilian Cardiologist who gave me this information said "What kind of
doctors do you have in the US"?

(561) 997-2878

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